Bluffton Boilers 2012

Bluffton Boilers 2012

Boiled Peanuts! 

 Outside of Dixie they're considered odd. It'd give a Bubba like me a complex, except once I got off the Lowcountry Islands I found out the South has been right all along. For instance:
- A nickel's worth of grits equates to a $7 high-brow Italian polenta side dish.
- A handful of boiled peanuts compares well with trendy Japanese edamame.

Bluffton Boilers, the inaugural Lowcountry boiled peanut competition, was the brain child of Babbie Guscio, Jared Jester and Hannah Parrish. With a love of boiled peanuts, they collaborated to create an event that would let the competitive juices flow and show off a southern staple.
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Click and hear two top competitors, Adam Simoneaux and Pierce Giltner, share their strategic recipes. Will a splash of bath water or a dab of pluff mud earn them the top prize?

About 9 minutes

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Extra proceeds will go to Bluffton Self Help.
CityTrex is glad to be a 2012 Golden Peanut Sponsor.

Thursday, August 30, 2012   5:30pm until 6:30pm
42 Calhoun St Bluffton, SC 29910

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